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Organization for Orphans’ Support in Education, Needs and Talents (OOSENT) is an organization formed driven by people with a passion to see children succeed. At the time of its inception, OOSENT members believed that the future of this country and our lives is dependent upon our children. Each child is born with an incredible gift that adds value to our nation, giving us a brighter future, but only if natured well. Nurturing these gifts however becomes a problem when there is no one to nature and give direction to the child. That is especially in the case of children who have been orphaned by death or otherwise. A person’s success is usually dependent on his or her background. Most orphans have poor unstable backgrounds lacking in academic, and social education, basic needs like food, shelter, clothing and unmarketed talents. OOSENT believes in a three-way support that is education, needs and talents. OOSENT therefore seeks to be a “parent in type” that will bridge this gap or provide substance to this vacuum awarding each child a fair opportunity to succeed in life

OOSENT was established as a result of a strong passion:

  • To provide basic materials for academic education for orphans in
  • To conscientise orphans on their rights and privileges and benefits available in
  • To empower
  • To advocate for equality and fair treatment of orphans in
  • To advocate against stigmatization of orphans in formal and informal sectors or in public and private sectors, such as schools, churches, hospitals and


tertiary institutions.

  • To provide carrier guidance for
  • To provide basic health and care education for
  • To evangelize and preach to orphans and provide spiritual, religious and social
  • To source for and provide shelter and homes for
  • To fundraise for the educational, health and social as well as basic needs for orphans

OOSENT is a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO 72/2017) founded in 2010, targeting mainly, but not limited covering assisting and promoting orphans in social and academic education, career development, psychomotor, spiritual growth and basic needs. It has been pivotal in achieving this niche in Gweru. OOSENT is operational in Midlands, and have office present in Gweru. In pursuance of the above niche OOSENT values Transparency, Honesty, Patience, Vigilance, Hard work, Self-Motivation, Upholding Christian Values. OOSENT’s activities are engrossed on its mission and vision.


To be a group of people who are willing and able to teach, assist and promote orphans through providing basic knowledge about orphans in social education, academic education, carrier development, psychomotor, spiritual growth and providing basic needs.


To promote Orphans (from primary education, secondary education and tertiary educations) and ensure that that disadvantaged children are well catered for and receive enhanced opportunities for a better future.

Core Values

  • Transparency and Honesty
  • Patience
  • Vigilance
  • Hard work and Self-Motivation
  • Upholding Christian Values

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