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Organisation for Orphans’ Support in Education, Needs and Talents was an idea derived from one of the founders and current Directors of our organization. Farai Lunga and his brother lived alone in Gweru Chiundura communal lands as double orphans ever since they were in form one. Since all the relatives had denied responsibility over them, they faced insurmountable problems like lack of clothing, food, proper accommodation security and funding for their education. To solve their problems, they worked hard as teenagers, doing piece jobs for others in the community and church such as seasonal planting and weeding of fields, digging cow dung for manure, vegetable production, cutting firewood, molding bricks, digging wells and repairing community fences. The funds they raised at such tender ages were used chiefly for their food and education until they had registered for O’Level and eventually even raised money for themselves to go to Mlezu College for their Agricultural training courses. Farai Lunga was then employed by the Ministry of education in 2010 and deployed to Tangwena Secondary school.

After a long and heartfelt meditation of what he had faced in his childhood, and all the people who did what they could to support him, he thought of ways of helping other orphans in similar situations. These orphans would be supported in education, Needs and Talents. That is when he came up with the abbreviations O.S.E.N.T initially as Orphans Support in Education, Needs and Talents.

He married in 2012 and together with the support of his wife Thokozani Lunga; they began to inform others about their ideas. A handful of people welcomed the idea and could not hesitate to join the organization and assisted in all ways they could. Hence they could only view the birth of O.O.S.E.N.T as God’s blessing to them and would be a platform of expansion and reaching all other orphans scattered across the country. Subscriptions began to be paid in 2014 in order to further the interests of the organization.

The above mentioned people visited the social welfare and city council in August 2014 where they were given a list of legal requirements and processes that would take money,


time and effort to execute. They were finally registered in January 2015 under the auspices of the city council of Gweru. They also received a recommendation letter for them to begin registration with the social welfare so that O.O.S.E.N.T could receive a legal national recognition. After registration with the city council, a committee has since been set being headed by the chairman Farai Lunga and others. Other individuals, from different sectors of the society, have joined the organization in recent months and financial members have been paying their subscriptions.The organisation was then registered as private voluntary organisation in 2017 and received a PVO certificate in 2018